The NYS DEC considers the proposed fertilizer plant a Type I action which means: Significant adverse impact on the environment.

FERTILIZER PLANT plan: As of now, the Town of Lincoln planning board and town board has NOT done a site plan review which takes 10 minutes. The town meetings are scheduled for July. According to the DEC application: Waste will be trucked in from a 75 mile radius. The building will be 200 feet long, 75 foot wide, and 40 feet high. The plant will operate 24 hours per day on an 11 acre site. They say that only 10 or 20 trucks per day will enter the plant but that seems to be a very low estimate when you are running a seasonal $8 million business. There are no designated truck routes so will these trucks go through the Village of Canastota, Oneida, or where?  Air pollution: 'Should an air discharge permit be application will be made at that time'. One DEC form question asked if the plant will be noisy. They didn't answer it except to talk about the construction phase. An 18 million gallon lagoon will be built. Chemicals they will store: alkali, lime, potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. Construction is scheduled to begin in September of 2017. Will it stink? The DEC application says: It's often a source of unpleasant odors...may directly or indirectly cause unpleasant odors...but they're going to use an 'engineered odor control system'.

The Center for Disease Control and potassium hydroxide: Irritation eyes, skin, respiratory system; cough, sneezing; eye, skin burns; vomiting, diarrhea. May react with H2O & other substances
and generate sufficient heat to ignite combustible materials. Sodium hydroxide: Sore throat. Cough. Burning sensation. Laboured breathing. Shortness of breath. Here's the summary to the NYS DEC. Here's the application.

This plant's application says they don't need to go change local zoning. Last month Supervisor Ball said he will be changing zoning laws beginning in June.

Worse yet--your tax dollars may help pay for it. The DEC application says this plant may receive corporate welfare from Cuomo. More on that later.

Just like the water tower, the county tried to sneak this in without the public finding out about it. There was absolutely no publicity on this plant. You would have had to stumble across the board's online minutes then read page 34 to find it. It wasn't on the May board meeting until the very last minute which why it's on one of the last pages.

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 The NYS DEC considers these plants a Type I action which means: Significant adverse impact on the environment.

Biomass is nothing more than an incinerator. 'Waste' gets thrown into a giant furnace and burned. The heat boils water that turns a turbine to make electricity. By giving the incinerator a cool name like 'biomass' it makes it sound GREEN. In reality these plants release 25% more emissions than burning coal.  Here's a biomass plant:

Won't that look nice on Buyea Road?

Here's an article: “Current policies that treat biomass as carbon-neutral do not reflect their real impacts on the climate,” said Duncan Brack, associate fellow of the energy, environment and resources Department at Chatham House. “Public money should only be used to subsidize technologies that genuinely reduce carbon emissions.”

The pro-biomass environmental wackos think that forests need the help of humans. Forests have been around a lot longer than humans and they do better when we leave them alone.

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 The NYS DEC considers these plants a Type I action which means: Significant adverse impact on the environment.

Remember the farm with the digester on Route 46 & Peterboro Road in the 1980's? Remember wanting to vomit when you went by? That is NOT an exaggeration! That was a tiny 15 kw unit. Madison County will be installing a unit 2,666 times bigger. They are worried that they won't have enough waste so they're talking about having tractor trailers HAUL WASTE FROM NEW YORK CITY'S 8.4 MILLION PEOPLE, COOK IT, THEN PUT THE WASTE ON OUR DUMP! Our calculations showed that trucks will log about 3.5 BILLION miles per year on our single lane roads. Madison County even failed to respond to a question about that. Will the trucks from New York City go through downtown Canastota, Route 365 residential areas, through Earlville on Route 46, then shift to first gear going down hills? Will we build truck runaways?

 A Syracuse appraiser told me that with similar projects such as the ARE Park he's heard that property values have plummeted by as much as 25% but if the digester is installed, our homes will be right up there with Love canal prices.   I was at the town hall and a young woman walked in to complain about the dump's smell now but was told to go see the county. Another young mom on Creek Road told me her boy has asthma and gets spasms when they go outside. She said they had an outdoor picnic planned but they had to have it inside due to the dump's smell. She said there's only a few days in the week she can go outside and let her kids play because of the smell. They are destroying the quality of life for people in the Town of Lincoln and our property values. For what? So they can point to the ARE Park at re-election time. There is no other reason. No one gains. Everyone loses. That's now. Imagine after all of these eyesores! On certain days, depending on the wind direction, the dump can be smelled in downtown Canastota and Oneida....all in a perverted use of the word.... GREEN.

Click here to listen to what these sound like

 The unit Madison County is proposing is 63 times bigger than this unit (which Madison County refuses to discuss) which explains why they want to haul garbage from New York City to Madison County. Here's a larger digester below. Pretty isn't it?

And looked similar to this below on a cold morning in May 2017.

If Madison County imports waste from New York City, it will need to be separated. The plant manager said that a large portion of the separated waste will need to go directly to the dump. The 'good' waste won't go back to New York City. The most important thing he said was: "You don't build these close to residential areas".

  "You don't build these close to residential areas"
Here's one reason why.........


  "You don't build these close to residential areas"

TOWN OF VIENNA, Wi. The digester had been emptied Monday. When workers started an exhaust fan Wednesday morning, they reported hearing a loud noise. The nylon inflatable cover at the top of the digester then burst into flames. Waunakee Fire Chief Gary Acker confirmed that the gas explosion happened, and said it was caused by a malfunction inside the plant.


Another article: So many anaerobic treatment facilities have had explosions in the nearly the same situation.... Poor operation of these facilities often won’t become known until someone is killed or injured.

 "You don't build these close to residential areas"


This is a tiny digester. Madison County is planning one 63 times bigger.

Read the county board minutes where they voted to approve the fertilizer plant's NYS DEC application on page 34 Click here

DEC Classification: A significant adverse impact on the environment Click here for that